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Log: Threeway

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Jun. 11th, 2007 | 12:12 am

Need an idea of how we play tag in chat? Here ya go!

Dave: Dave strode down the hallway of the grad student dorms, glancing over room numbers as he passed each door. Finally coming to the number Ryan had given him over the phone, he knocked a short cadence, rocking back on his heels a bit.
Dave: [tag]
Ryan: [ryan]
Ryan: Ryan smiled at Tory reassuringly, patting his leg as he rose from the bed. "That'll be Dave. You'll like him. I promise. Remember? He likes your Star Wars movies also."
Ryan: He walked through the apartment, pulling the door open for his boyfriend. "Hey you!" He smiled, leaning up to press a quick kiss to his boyfriend's lips. "Come meet Tory!"
Ryan: (Tag)
Tory: [Tory!]
Tory: Tory jumped a little at the sudden knock, even if he was expecting it. When Ryan hopped up to get the door he sank back into the bed,
Tory: wrapping himself around that special red pillow he loved so much. Hiding in all those pillows, it was a wonder the two might ever find him...
Tory: [tag]
Dave: [Dave]
Dave: After returning the short greeting kiss, Dave jerked his head up with a smile, expecting to see another guy in the room. "Ok, where is he?"
Dave: He looked from Ryan to the room around him, thinking for a moment that his boyfriend must be playing a joke. But he spied a small movement from the plush-looking bed in front of them, and grinned wider.
Dave: "Aha! I see movement. Come out, I won't bite," he teased, stepping into the room a bit more.
Dave: [tag]
Ryan: (ryaaaaan)
Ryan: Smiling when he noticed Tory was hiding again, Ryan approached the bed quietly. "Hey Tory," he placed a soft hand on the other guy's back. "This is my boyfriend Dave. Meat griller and Star Wars lover extraordinaire!"
Ryan: He motioned Dave to come closer. "Dave, this is my new friend Tory. He just moved here from Vegas, most recently, and he loves my cookies!"
Ryan: (Tag)
Tory: [tory!]
Tory: Wide eyes peeked out from inside the round of pillows. "Meat? Star Wars? Cookies?" came the small voice.
Tory: Slowly a Tory crawled out, still clutching the pillow. "I mean, uh....hi..." he grinned sheepishly, perching on the edge of the bed.
Tory: [tag]
Dave: [DAVE!]
Dave: Laughing a little, Dave leaned forward, balancing on one foot and holding out a hand for Tory to take. "Hi, what's up? Nice to meet you. Nice, uh, bed."
Dave: [tag!]
Ryan: (ryan)
Ryan: "You can shake his hand," Ryan whispered to Tory. "He really won't bite." Well, he won't bite YOU anyhow. He smiled at Tory's hesitance when it came to the newcomer.
Ryan: (tag)
Tory: [tory]
Tory: He squeaked, still a little intimidate by having TWO strange men in his room, much less two men whose attention was focused solely on him.
Tory: Ryan had promised, however, and he trusted the little snuggler. He stuck his hand out, taking Dave's in his own.
Tory: "Hi, uh, Dave. I'm Tory." He smiled sheepishly, holding onto the pillow with the other.
Tory: [tag]
Dave: [davetime!]
Dave: Dave gripped his hand, giving it a good shake. "Tory. Cool. Is that short for something?" he asked, tilting his head quizzically.
Dave: [Tag]
Tory: [tory]
Tory: "Yeah, actually." He blushed. "Salvatore. Slavatore Bellicio. I'm really really Italian."
Tory: [tag!]
Dave: "No kidding," Dave replied. He shrugged off his beat-up denim jacket as he stepped back to close the door with a foot, dropping the garment to the floor in front of the doorway.
Dave: "So, Ryan, what've you guys been up to?" He looked at the other boy, flashing a knowing smile and raising is eyebrows.
Dave: [tag]
Ryan: (ryan!)
Ryan: "Just snugglies is all," Ryan smiled, perching on the edge of the bed next to his new friend. "We were just getting to know each other." He motioned to Dave to take a seat beside him.
Ryan: "I brought him some cookies to say welcome to to the neighborhood. He's very much into meat and Star Wars, so I figured you guys would get along!" He looked at Tory with a smile and patted his leg.
Ryan: (Tag)
Tory: [tory]
Tory: "He promised you wouldn't kill me for snuggling your boyfriend." He eyes the tall imposing figure of Dave.
Tory: "You won't......right?" he whispered, hugging the pillow.
Tory: [tag]
Dave: "What? Noooo," Dave assured the timid-looking guy, waving a hand as if to dismiss the thought. "I trust Ryan. I know he wouldn't do anything naughty."
Dave: He flopped on the bed next to Ryan, throwing an arm around his shoulders. "Well, not too naughty, anyway. Right?" he purred suggestively, giving both of them his best shit-eating grin.
Dave: [tag!]
Ryan: (ryan)
Ryan: Ryan grinned at his boyfriend before turning back to Tory. "See? I told you he wouldn't be mad." He slipped one hand into Tory's and the other into one of Dave's.
Ryan: "Dave's a really cool guy...and he's good at making people feel better too. You'll see." Peeking back at Dave, he gave his boyfriend a knowing smile.
Ryan: "Forget too naughty...we haven't even done anything remotely naughty..." He peeked back at Tory. "Yet?" He teased gently, squeezing his hand.
Ryan: (Tag)
Tory: [tory]
Tory: Tory really hated it when he got ultra squeaky and startled. He seemed to be doing more of that lately. Gotta work on that, he thought, or get a new noise.
Tory: The hand sneaking into his didn't for once, make him jump. Ryan had, by now, gotten him comfortable with that. It was nice and calming.
Tory: He swallowed a gulp, eyes darting back and forth between the two. "I don't wanna be, like, a pest or anything.....I mean, I've never really gotten much snuggle experience." He blushed.
Tory: [tag]
Dave: [dave is goooooing]
Dave: "Hm, we'll have to fix that. I mean, Ry is a pro at being cuddly. I'm just kind of gropey, sorry," he shrugged, snickering a little at his own disclaimer.
Dave: "But anyway," he continued, leaning back on his elbows, "let's be friends. I heard something about Star Wars and you being a big nerd for it. This makes you awesome in my books."
Dave: He nodded approvingly, leaning back into the unavoidable pile of pillows on the bed. "Man, this is the comfiest fucking bed I've ever laid in," he muttered, suddenly derailed.

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