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Sweet Dreams are Made of This

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Oct. 24th, 2005 | 09:00 pm

Title: Sweet Dreams are Made of This
Author: eros_dreams
Rating: Is there something above XXX?
Pairings: It's whoever you want it to be, whatever your dream pairing is.
Warnings: Light bondage, mansex, but then we aren't surprised by the mansex now are we?
Beta: Just my cat, and she has horrible grammar. She also can't type very well.
Summary: Was it only a dream? (Suggested listening: Massive
Attack - Angel)

It was 3 a.m. and all was silent. The moon rose high above the wispy clouds, not a hint of rain for miles and miles. The wind was still, nary a leaf whispered in the dark morning. In the house, a lanky form lay slumbering, wrapped in the white sheets. Fast asleep, he curled on his right side, twisting his arms around an extra pillow. Far away n dreams, he sighed lightly, a tiny puff of air escaping his porcelain lips.
So asleep was he, that the light creak of the door didn't wake him, nor did he notice the soft padding footsteps crossing the room. So lost in the dream was he that he didn't feel the bed shift as the person sat down by his head. He didn't feel a thing when his arms were lifted ever so lightly over his head, tied lightly with two crimson scarves. He didn't even move when a dark length of silk was carefully, but purposefully, tied over his eyes. He felt nothing in the room, only what was occurring in his dream.
When he felt a finger press itself against his lips, though, he awoke instantly. Blinking furiously, he realized soon that he was blindfolded. He began to pull his arms down to remove it, finding that his arms too were captured. The finger remained pressed to his lips as a voice whispered huskily in his ear.
"Don't speak."
He nodded mutely, and the finger was removed. He could feel the presence in the room now, strong and dangerous. His heart raced. Robbed of his sight and touch, he was laid helpless on his own bed. In the silence he could hear the light swish of clothing, a shirt, jeans. He breathed deeply, both trying to calm himself, as well as pick up whatever scents there were. Soap. The indeterminable scent of the outdoors, of sunshine and light breezes, and of the earth. The tang of sweat, and light musk that cried male. So it was a man that held him captive, he thought.
"Shhhh." Came the voice again, now from the foot of the bed. He could hear the whisper of clothes removed, and his heart beat faster and faster. But to his surprise, there was no heavy weight pressed to him, no motions to climb on the bed. More silence.
"So beautiful."
He shivered. The words spoken so softly in the night caressed his skin lovingly. He felt the sheets wrapped around him being pulled away, and he twisted a little, trying to grasp them with his knees. Lost in seconds, the slight chill of the air crept over his skin as he felt hands delicately reach up and tug at his boxers. Whimpering, he tightened his knees together, but to no avail. In a moment, they were gone, and he was left stark naked on the bed, tied and blindfolded in the night air. Shivering in the darkness, he waited.
He wouldn't have to wait for long. After scant seconds that seemed to stretch into hours, his captor acted. Slowly, he crept up the end of the bed, never touching the captive mans skin. Breathing lightly, he floated breathy kisses over his skin. Ankles, knees, arching hips, the flat broad expanse of his stomach. He could feel his skin twenty times as sensitive as ever before as the man simply exhaled over his bare skin. Chest, collarbones, shoulders. The hairs all over his body stood quivering on end. Neck, ears. He let loose the breath he hadn't realized he was holding. Soft underside of the arms, inner elbows. The warm puffs warmed and excited his skin. Wrists, palm, fingertips. He whimpered.
Just as soon as the last breath wafted past his fingertips, he felt something else, something warmer, wetter. The man above him separated his pinky from the rest and slowly, with delicate care, sent his tongue to explore the digit. Lathing up to the tip, with a swift flick at the end, he swirled his tongue back down, moving to the next finger. One by one, he licked every single finger from tip to base. As he swiped the base of the thumb, he twirled a path down across the palm, tracing the lines. Reaching the wrist, and the slight resistance of the silk bonds, he pulled them lower on his captive's wrists, paying careful attention to the pulse, sucking delicately on the luminous skin.
Beneath him, the hostage was melting, burning with sensation despite the lack of sight or ability to touch. He quivered, sighing faintly. When the man's tongue traced a path down his right arm, he thought he might melt into the sheets beneath him. When his bondsman switched to his left side, repeating the act on his other arm, he thought he might die right there. Taking one final swipe at the soft underside of the prisoners arms, the man blew lightly. Gasping, his captive shuddered as the cool air met with the trail of moisture reaching up his arms, icily delicious, and frighteningly illicit.
For a moment, he was gone, out of his body, awash in the sensations. He was brought back by the feel of a mouth gently working its way toe by toe across his feet. As the orifice captured first the big toe, then the smaller, more sensitive toes, he felt arcs of pleasure reach up his legs, straight to his groin. Trying desperately not to laugh as the mans tongue traced patterns on the soles of his feet, he smiled. When his legs were delicately lapped, he couldn't help but twitch a bit. Strong hands stroked his calves until he lifted his legs upward, and he could feel that warm tongue mapping his calves. The backs of his knees were next, and he stretched his legs straight into the air. As his captor's tongue crossed over to his inner thighs, he felt his legs lowered and spread carefully.
Trembling in anticipation, he lay as still as the night around him. When the man caressed his upper thighs, he could feel his cock straining, hard and proud in the night air. To his dismay, the man ignored the waving organ, and began to slick over his jutting hip bones. When he whimpered, the man stopped and placed a soft finger on his captive's lips. He let a slow breath out, nodding silently. His captor went back to work, licking a line from just above his straining manhood to his navel. Blowing gently, waves of pleasure rippled through the confined man's body. The sensitive sides of the abdomen got careful attention, lazy circles traced up and down both sides. Each nipple was licked and sucked until it was tight and erect in the heavy air, blushed darkly with arousal. Collarbones laved until he thought he could take no more, and then blown upon, creating icily delicious tendrils of pleasure to swirl again down to his groin.
He heard a light chuckle as the weight shifted, and he felt his head lifted. The bonds pulled his arms back, making his neck just sharply in the shadows. The soft caressing touch slipped up his jugular, following the line of his jaw. Trailing farther upwards, the tongue traced the lines of his ear, again being blown upon. The alternating warm wetness and chilly breezes played music over his heightened senses. Slipping back down his neck, dipping lightly into the shallow hollow, then lightly up the other side. Repeating the tracery of the other side, his captors tongue slip up and over his ear. With a final swipe to the lobe, he felt the tongue retreat, only to be replaced with the breath of angels, lighting an icy fire in his skin that laced southward to his weeping cock, dripping with precum. It cried out for attention, a touch, anything. But still it was ignored.
The soft hands let his head rest on the pillow again for only a few seconds before he felt himself lifted once more, this time flipped onto his stomach, the silk above him twisting with him, not to tight, but restraining his arms still. The hand that was at his neck lifted higher into his hair, lifting the soft dark curls so that his neck was exposed. Butterfly kisses, then swift licks were placed upon the bare skin. Working downward now, the slick tongue made easy work of the broad and sculpted planes of his back. Tracing another line downwards along his spine, he felt the warm wetness stop just above his tailbone. Light kisses were placed, again, all over both cheeks, and lazy circles were drawn with that warm wetness. Breathing lightly over each cheek in turn caused the moist circles to chill, sending more shivers up his spine. His cheeks clenched in unison when the tongue returned to the cleft between them. The warm wet tongue drew a line from tailbone to taint, pressing harder near the end of the swipe. Sighing deliciously, he could feel his cock harden impossibly tighter against the cotton sheets, grateful for any touch. When the man sent his tongue deeper into his tight hole, he couldn't help but moan a little. In and out, making slow but excruciatingly erotic motions, the tongue delved deeper into his dark recesses.
A strong hand slid up his thigh, lifting it up. Still maintaining his hold on the tight hole, the man gracefully flipped his captive over onto his back once more, lifting his ass with one hand, the other stretching upwards over his head palm the straining cock that bobbed above him. Gripping it lightly, he lifted up and down. Flipping his hand a bit, he threw a spin at the tip, just as he stuck his tongue as deep as it would go. The prisoner could only write in ecstasy. Awash in waves of pleasure and passion, he lost all vocal control; he moaned and sighed, grinding his hardened cock into his captor's eager hand.
Sliding out, the tongue traced a thick wet line up, over the tight skin, then stopping at the tight sweet globes above them. Taking one in his mouth, he rolled it lightly over his tongue, tightening his lips ever so slightly. Letting it slip out with a farewell lick, he took the other just as gently, and repeated the procedure. The body beneath him was panting, shaking, and desperate for release. All the while, his right arm was slowly and gently working the thick cock above. Finally releasing the second tight sphere, he lazily licked upwards, a thin tight line of wetness right up the underside of the shaft. The organ bobbed against him, seemingly with a mind of its own. He grinned, and then took a light licking path over the head; the sweetly salty taste of the precum gathered there only made the tip wetter and more slippery. Holding his hand at the base, he carefully worked back down both sides, nibbling lightly. Simultaneously, his left arm lowered the mans ass down, slipping out from beneath those sweet succulent cheeks. As he took more swipes up and down the length of the thick rod, his fingers made a beeline for the hole that his tongue had so recently occupied. Rubbing it lightly, he slid one finger in gently at the same moment he took the head into his mouth.
The poor captive was completely out of it, overcome with pleasure; he lost all sense of time. As he felt his rod being slowly, achingly taken into the mouth of this captor, he also felt the twin delight of another finger slipping into his nether hole. The mouth worked his cock silently, while the fingers worked his ass, curling inside of him to hit that sweet spot that sent him higher and higher. Feeling himself tighten he let slip one single word.
"Oh…" he moaned. The mouth wrapped deliciously around his straining cock tightened and bobbed harder, faster. The fingers massaged inside, and out. He could feel his body tighten in imminent release, and as he felt the waves of the orgasm wash over his body I warm crashing waves, he jerked upwards, twitching. As his seed spilled in the mouth that covered him, he cried out in a light string of moans. The mouth didn't leave his cock until there was nothing left to spurt, and he had ceased twitching. The deft fingers slipped out of his hole, and the mouth closed over the flagging tip, giving one last lick.
Despite the blindfold, he could see stars and shapes flitting past his closed eyes, bouncing in the darkness. Lost in his own heavy breathing, he didn't notice the sound of the man chuckling. His skin was so sensitive that he was still feeling waves of pleasure up and down his entire body; he didn't notice the weight leave the bed. Nor did he hear the man replace his clothing. He was exhausted enough by the exertions that he didn't notice anything but the tingling in his limbs. He didn't feel the hands at his wrist, untying the bonds there. He still didn't notice anything when the man left the room, closing the door quietly with a near silent click. Within seconds, he was fast asleep again, with the early morning sun washing over his flushed skin.
When he awoke many hours later, in the bright mid morning sun, he opened his eyes and grinned. One hell of a dream, he thought; must remember to have them more often. He sent one arm stretching down across his body, feeling his own smooth skin. Somehow this morning it felt softer, more sensuous. As he stretched his other arm upwards, he felt something swipe delicately at his skin. He turned, bringing his arm forward to his blinking eyes. On his right wrist dangled a length of crimson silk, tied loosely to the bedpost.

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